To the north of London lies the historic town of Barnet. 
The towns history goes back over a thousand years and through this web site you will see why we believe that Barnet is Londons most historic town(150 coaches used to go through Barnet on a daily basis when it was a coaching stop).
Not only will you learn about the heritage of the town but BARNET4U is full of different articles and items that we not only hope will be of interest but also a benefit to the community.

  All you need to know about the history and heritage of our town, including
* The Battle of Barnet. * Find out where the Artful Dodger meets Oliver Twist, * Who was the famous explorer who was on the cover of the Beatles Sergeant Peppers and lived locally? * Who was the Barnet resident who became the first man to successfully take and project a 35 mm film in England * Read about the Barnet Fair and where there was a race course in Barnet plus you can find the stories of the local criminals from the past in * Barnet at the Old Bailey and there is much more ......

Want to find a local business? Accommodation * Cars * Cleaning * Drinks  * Eating * Garden * Household * Medical * Money * Parties * Printing * Local services * Shops * Trades and you can

and your money goes back into the community.

All you need to know about our town of Barnet
Includes: * Music 4 Barnet * Who’s who in Barnet * What’s on and more.....

All the information you need to know about what you are looking for in Barnet including
Community links * Places of worship * Emergency services *useful information

You can find out here what time your bus, tube or train will arrive or depart

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We hope you enjoy this web site and that will be of interest and informative to you. We want to build and develop this site and Barnet4U will be working to draw attention to the history and heritage there is in this town.
One day we would like to see tourist in the High Street learning about the past and hopefully enjoying the present.
We, like most ventures, need money to progress and your advertising is very important to all the ideas that we would like to put into action and highlight “The most historic town in London”
Brian Carroll

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