Barnet Time Line    


1070. Barnet known as "Barnetto".
12th Century. High Barnet founded by monks from St Albans Abbey.
1196. Barnet known as "Bernet".
1199. King John granted Barnet a market charter.
1219. Barnet known as "Barnatt".
1230. Barnet known as "La Barnetto".
1249. First reference to East Barnet.
1291. Population of Barnet about 350.
1329. First reference to Chipping Barnet.
1349. Black Death kills 84 residents.
1420. St Johns Church (Barnet Church) was built.
1449. First reference to West Barnet.
1471. Battle of Barnet during the Wars of the Roses.

1573. Q.E. Grammar school founded.
1577. Tudor Hall built.
1588. Barnet Fair and market were granted a charter by Queen Elizabeth I.
17th Century. Great North Road built through Barnet.
It was the main coach route from London to Scotland.
1667. Samuel Pepys visits the Barnet physic well.
1740. The Hadley Highstone obelisk is erected.
1758. Market day is changed from Monday to Wednesday.
Fair changed from April to September.
1784. First stage coach service through Barnet.

1826. The St Albans Road built
1827. Barnet Hill built
1850. Great Northern Railway Company build New Barnet Station.
1870. The last horse race in Barnet, "The Barnet Stakes" was held
where High Barnet station now stands
1873. Oakleigh Park Station opens.
1913. The Barnet Cinema built
(On the site of the current post office in the High Street.
1935. Lorry kills four people at Barnet Fair (see "Barnet Fair")
1940. High Barnet station becomes part of the London Underground.

1950s. The Wellhouse Hospital is renamed Barnet Hospital.
1965. Chipping Barnet becomes a part of the London Borough of Barnet.
1969. Hadley Brewery closes down.
2005. The old fire station near Lytton Road destroyed by the council.

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