To the North of London lies the historic town of Barnet. 
The towns history goes back nearly a thousand years and if you come to Barnet you will be told of days of old.

We have church built in 1080, another church built a few years later, a larger church built in the 15th century, a battle that was voted in the top ten battles in English history, a market that has been there since 1199, a spa well that has been there since the 16th century and visited by Samuel Pepys, a High Street mentioned in Oliver Twist, a school that was founded in 1573, a coaching stop that saw 150 coaches pass through every day, a fair that has been going since the 16th century, a museum, 15 public houses and over 90 eating establishments,3 golf clubs,7 parks, an Arts  Teatre, the home of David Livingstone (who was on the front cover of the Beatles “Sgt Peppers” album) and the best view of the capital city and a modern shopping centre.That’s Barnet.

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