Paul Baker, a City of London guide, leads guided walks around Barnet.
The walks have been ongoing since September 2004, and have elicited a lot of interest from Barnet residents and beyond the borough.
Walks normally last about two hours, and cost £5 (£3 for accompanied under 12s).
 The Battle of Barnet:
Step back in time and explore the famous battlefield of 1471 .

Things that Go Bump in High Barnet:
 A ghostly, ghoulish walk through High
Barnet and Monken Hadley, the second most haunted place in England.
  Every Other House a Tavern:
A pub walk (not a pub crawl, unfortunately!), looking at some of the most historical pubs in High Barnet.  
See where Pepys, Dr Johnson and Dickens drank.
The Heart of High Barnet:
A historical walk through High Barnet.

Georgian Monken Hadley:
A historical walk through beautiful, unspoilt Monken Hadley.

Barnet Churches:   
A stroll around, and possibly into, some of the churches of High Barnet and Monken Hadley. Famous congregants include John Wesley and Dr Livingstone, I presume!