The most important thing about The Town of Barnet is the road that runs through it.
For centuries it has taken people in and out of London and transported thousands of different items.
If the road could tell its history you would get tales to fill a book and stories to keep you enthralled.

             This is THE HISTORY OF BARNET
                                       HERTFORDSHIRE ENGLAND

 Barnet Time Line  Chart of Barnet history.

Our Town All you need to know about Barnet

The Early Years Read about the early years of Barnet.

 Bygone Barnet Watch a film about our history.

101 things to know about Barnet

Tally Ho
Take a trip to Barnet when Barnet was a coach stop.
by Richard Selby

The Battle of Barnet
One of the most important battles of the War of the Roses
happened in our town.

  War of the Roses
Find out what brought the battle to the fields of Barnet.

Where are the bodies buried ?
Up to 10,000 bodies could be buried outside of the town.

Looking for the Battle Field

Would the Battle of Barnet make a good movie? 
We have many Roads in Barnet
connected to history and the Battle of Barnet

Barnet Fair
History of the Fair and the Horse Fair

The Old Well
The history of the Old Physic Well in Well House visited by Samuel Pepys.

  Barnet Market
The history.

Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist meets the Artful Dodger in Barnet High Street

The Barnet Races
Did you know there was a race course in Barnet?

David Livingstone
The famous Explorer lived in Hadley.

 Sir Alexander Cummings 
Did you know there is an Indian Chief buried in East Barnet?

Barnet at the Old Bailey
Court cases regarding Barnet at The Old Bailey dating from the 17th and 18th
Part One

Barnet at the Old Bailey
Court cases regarding Barnet at The Old Bailey dating from the 19th
 Part two

General Monck Stayed at the Mitre in Barnet.

The Peasants Revolt and the men from Barnet.

 History of Local Schools

Sir Geoffrey de Mandeville The Ghost of Oakhill Park.

Birt Acres
Did you know the first movie was made in Barnet.

Lotte Reiniger
The Famous animator lived in East Barnet.

 History of the Bull Theatre

  Did Churchill meet Hess
Did Churchill meet Hess in Whetstone?

 Arkley View
intercepting enemy messages in Arkley in World War II.

Barnet in the war Where did the bombs drop in Barnet.

  Barnet Museum Link to our local museum.

 History of Barnet Football Club

  War of the Worlds Did the Martians come to Barnet?

  Charles Lightoller the most senior officer to survive the Titanic disaster lived here.

Tours of Barnet Take a tour of the battlefield and historic Barnet. 

Famous people who were born or lived in and around Barnet.

Old Barnet Photos
Barnet Pubs
More History

We hope you enjoy your visit to Barnet and if you have any ideas or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.