Crime Watch

Hello, My name is Matt and no matter what the government says, crime is on the rise.
Barnet Borough covers an area of 33.8 square miles and is split into 21 wards.
At the 2001 census it had a population of 314,564 If you want to get in touch with the Barnet Borough
Watch you will have to travel to Colindale.
I don't know about you but to me Barnet is the town we live in and we should have more control in fighting crime in our area rather than relying on a police station that has enough problems keeping law and order in the near- by Grahame Park. That is not our problem and we want to feel safe on OUR streets. We can do something about it for ourselves.

Since a meeting of "Safer Neighbourhoods" held at QE Girls school, where over 400 members of the public met the local police officers who would be looking after the people of High Barnet, the progress by the local police up at Barnet Hill has been a revelation.
Local residents are forming neighbourhood watches with a new vigour as they see that at last they might have the real support of the local police. With the wisdom of Barnet council in moving the main police force to Colindale it has been a nightmare for the residents of the town of Barnet while they wait for a response from somewhere miles away.
With the help and commitment of the Safer Neighbourhood Teams things are changing and there is a feeling among residents that the police presence of these officers is vital to keep crime off our streets.

To be honest I am like most people who are my neighbours who do not get involved and really have no idea how to form one. I hope within time to have a link to someone in your area who will be able to help.
As I find out more I will let you know and it would be nice if through BARNET4U we can get together and find out more about how we can combat crime. Lets first look at THE SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAMS.

What is community policing?
The people who live and work in Barnet want their police officers to be familiar, visible and accessible. The Safer Neighbourhood teams provide a highly visible presence, always patrolling in uniform, nearly always on foot patrol.
The teams are ring fenced from any abstractions to ensure they build up and maintain local familiarity and confidence. The public are provided a list of contact numbers and e-mail addresses so they can contact their local teams.

What is a Safer Neighbourhood Team?

What do the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams do?
The teams focus on the key issues as highlighted by the people who live and work in each ward. There is a yearly consultation and engagement process to identify a number of local priorities. Once identified the teams work in partnership with residents, businesses, key opinion former and our partners such as the council and LFB to tackle these key issues. The issues highlighted are street crime and burglary. They tend to be local quality-of- life crimes such as vandalism and anti-social behaviour issues such

How can the public participate?
Members of the public are actively asked to engage with the teams. Each ward will have a Community action panel (CAP).
This will be made up of ordinary members of the public who use and live within the ward. They will set the priorities for each Team. The public can attend a variety of meetings, action panels, Neighbourhood watches and business watches.
They can become Part of the Key individual network (KIN); these are key opinion formers who are used as a Barometer as to whether the teams are being effective with their priorities.

For more details about SAFER NEIGHBOURHOODS go to
You can find out about how your neighbours are fighting crime by clicking here  
If you have a neighbourhood watch you can add it to this page

   What about bringing back the"Window Twitchers"?
You don't have to be nosey to look out for crime and if you look out for your neighbour your neighbour will look out for you.
If you have to go to the bathroom during the night have a look out the window to see if your street is clear.
If you see someone you don't know in a neighbours garden you can ask them what they are doing there and explain that we all look out for each other.
Unfortunately you are not allowed to protect your self with a weapon but that does not stop you from taking up a sport such as baseball, golf, boxing or a few lessons with a kung foo expert!!!!!!

If enough of us get together we can get the scum off our streets and let them know that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

One thing that people can do is report any incident. After a resident of Leicester Road had his car broken into he found,by relating the story, that there are quite a few people in this district who have had a crime committed against them but did not report it to the police as they seemed to think that it is a waste of time.

This barrier between the police and the public was not helped by the closure of Barnet police station(WATCH THIS SPACE) and there is definitely a breakdown in communication between the police and the public. The police want to do something about it and if you are one of those who never report a crime you have no complaints if the criminal is never caught.

In the coming weeks we hope to build this page into a channel that both the police and you can use to fight the cowards and thieves who break into your car or home and have no respect or regard for your loss.
There used to be a time when neighbours would look after each other. Those days are still here if you make the effort to care about those around you. If you watch their back and they watch yours. Perhaps someone can give the police vital information that will take the low life thief off the streets.

You will be able to air your views and receive updated information from the police. Crime should not be allowed to win.
Each of us could do something about beating it if we stopped the "its nothing to do with me" attitude and become part of a community that is willing to stand up and fight any crime that affects those that we live and work with.

With BARNET4U being non political we can praise our council or complain. One of the biggest complaints we hear from the locals is that Barnet, (the town NOT the borough), is not getting enough local support to fight crime.
There is a Community and Police Consultative Group that meets quarterly at Hendon Town Hall. This comprises of all sections and representatives of groups from across the Borough but no one down our street has ever been, or knows anything about it.
More importantly most of the organisations set up to fight crime in Barnet are based at Colindale,which is one of the reasons that those of us who live and work in the town of Barnet have to wait for any response to a crime.

We should.

To have only one main police station in the borough is ridiculous.
Not so long ago we had police stations in Barnet, Whetstone and Finchley, but as the population rises someone up there decides to close them down as a fully functional service. We want your stories and views.

A local old peoples home was robbed and the pensioners not only lost their possessions but also their respect for the police. They were told that no one could come out that night to see them as there was trouble in somewhere like Burnt Oak or Grahame park,which should not affect those of us at this end of the borough, especially the old.

There are many stories like this and we want to hear yours.
If you ask any Police officer their view they are usually sympathetic but unable to do anything about it.
Lets help the police and get the help from them that they want to give. Report a crime and don't let the criminal get away with it. MORE TO COME AS IT HAPPENS.........