THE BARNET SOCIETY is a non-political organisation of private residents interested in the protection and improvement of our local environment.

Founded in 1945 in order to fight (successfully) the plan to build houses on the Green Belt in Dollis Valley.

Their current objectives are
- To encourage and stimulate in citizens of Chipping Barnet and the surroundings a
lively interest in their town and neighbourhood

- To keep an eye on activities in the London Metropolitan Green Belt and other designated open lands, and to draw attention to anything which may cause harm to them

- To call attention to any activities or proposals of Public Authorities, Utilities and Transport, etc affecting the interests of citizens

- To initiate proposals for the preservation and improvement of the amenities of the district and the welfare of the inhabitants, and in particular to concern itself with matters affecting Town Planning, Housing, Community Health a nd the wider environment

- To encourage local cultural interests and to collaborate with other organisations as desirable.

They have about 500 members, and meet every month or so.

More details are on their web site.