Why get a plumber from Putney or an electrician from Ealing when you can get them from Barnet/Why plough through the yellow pages or search through hundreds of web pages for what you are seeking when you can find it just around the corner?With Barnet4U your potential customers simply go to our trade Directory, click on the trade you need i.e: Plumbers and up on the screen will come up a list of local plumbers including the name of your business.Our plans for the future will aim at making the people of Barnet aware of not only making it a great web site but also an easy way for the public to find YOUR business

The Barnet Directory
It’s so EASY to advertise

Your business might be one of a few or one of many but your advert will not be lost among thousands of others looking for your customer.
Local advertising works and when the community knows about you and your business word will spread.
The easy way for customers to find what you are looking for locally is to visit the Barnet Directory Page on Barnet 4U.co.uk .
Simple to use and just a couple of click away from what or who you are looking for.

Just send a picture of your Business Card or Leaflet via E-mail to contact@barnet4u.co.uk or by phone 07847221138

Click card or leaflet

We put it on the Barnet4U web site Directory on the page related to your business and link your advert to your web site.*
The viewer will click your card or leaflet and be taken directly to your web page
                    And the cost is just
£65 a YEAR!

Thats just 1.25 a week for a unique way of getting local customers

 (We can also create a category for your business if it is not there)

* (If you do not have a web site we can put you in touch with local web designers)
* Barnet 4U reached over 70,000 people last year and we are growing
* All revenue from advertising will be put back into the progression of Barnet 4U

Join Barnet 4U in putting the unity back in the community

     For more details please contact Brian 07847221138
          or E-mail contact@barnet4u.co.uk

£65 a YEAR!